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Swedish Educational Technology supported by Optiveum – a case study

In this short article we present a case study on how we have helped a Swedish Educational Platform to build a team of software developers and testers in Warsaw. Additionally, we helped them with legal and accounting needs by introducing our partner experts in Poland.

“They have a great network of really talented developers.” – says the CTO, Head of Product at the Educational Technology Platform from Sweden

References and contact details are available on request.

Project description:
Optiveum has helped a digital math platform set up a new tech department in Warsaw, Poland.
Their work has included hiring developers, an accountant, and a lawyer, creating contracts, and finding an office.

Client feedback
Thanks to Optiveum, the client now has an established office in Poland with over 10 developers and cooperates with trustworthy legal and accounting experts. Throughout the project, the team has been communicative, responsive, understanding, and adaptive, and they have quick recruitment processes in place.

The Outcome
What were the measurable outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?
The client says: “We have hired 10+ developers through their services. Average hiring process is
2 weeks. Everything from creating the post, finding hires and first screening are made by Optiveum.”

Describe their project management

How did they respond to
your needs?

  • Extremely good communication.
  • A new recruitment process starts within one working day.
  • New potential hires are presented within a few days.
  • They have a great network of really talented developers.
  • They listen to our needs and adapt for changes even when the recruitment process already have started.
  • We expected the hiring process to be 1-2 months but all of the hires are done within 1 month of initiating the process and the average time from initiating the process to signed contract is 2 weeks.

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Photo by Fredrik Posse on Unsplash