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Help refugees in Poland find learn new, IT skills

So much is said about refugees and economic migrants and their lack of integration with local communities and local job markets.

That is why I would like to once again let everyone know of the initiative taken up by my friend Sanjar Hoshimi.

Sanjar, being a refugee himself, learned perfect Polish and set up CodeYourPath, an organization aimed at helping #migrants and #refugees upskill their IT competences. They run trainings and #mentorship programs for talented individuals who chose Poland as their home and who’d like to improve their #coding#analyticalskills, and more.

If your organization values #csrinitiatives and would like to help, even non-financially, do contact me or Sanjar Hoshimi directly. Such initiatives should be praised and talked about as they contribute to the development of our job market.

Let’s all do our part in helping immigrants and refugees become valuable members of the CEE job market.