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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you assist clients from various countries?

Yes and it is one of our strongest points. For many years in international, corporate businesses and having lived in a few countries, we believe to have gained enough experience in working with diverse cultures and have become aware of the cross-cultural differences in business.

Being a boutique organization, we are not unnecessarily bound by corporate multi-level decision making which makes it difficult to take decisions whether or not to enter into a business partnership with clients from different countries.

At Optiveum we work with all the clients as long as this cooperation is legally viable and beneficial to both parties.

So far, we have worked with clients from the USA, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Israel, UAE, Germany, France and Switzerland and have invoiced them directly into their mother countries.

Can you help us find qualified candidates in- and build a team of candidates from countries outside of Europe?

Yes, of course. On many occasions we have identified really talented candidates in more distant countries outside of Europe, such as: Egypt, India, Iran, Ghana, etc. In most of the cases, they were offered remote opportunities whereby they provided services for our clients in e.g. Switzerland, France, Germany, etc.

We do not provide relocation and visa (work-permit) services ourselves but we do partner with reliable companies who can assist you in these processes across Central Europe.

Being a job-seeker, can you help me find a job in Poland or another European country?

Most of the jobs we advertise on behalf of our clients are open to candidates from various countries and regions as long as they speak the required languages and meet the job requirements.

However, we do not offer assistance in:

  • Visas and work- permits
  • Relocation

The jobs we advertise are aimed at candidates who are either already located in the target country and / or are interested in remote opportunities.