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Recruitment (RPO)

when the clients recruitment needs are time-constrained or at a larger scale

In the times of growth, companies are often faced with the need to recruit additional team members. The same applies to situations where the organisation plans to enter a new market or it has just received additional funding or new clients or projects.

It is often the case that internal recruitment resources are not enough as the need for additional team members is urgent or it is related to the market where we have not recruited yet.

One of the solutions is to use our success-fee based recruitment services but if a company plans to fill multiple positions it may be more efficient to outsource the recruitment to an external partner.

With multiple years of experience in leading global recruitment companies, we are able to design a full recruitment campaign (including: employer branding and advertising solutions) as well as to outsource fully or partially dedicated recruitment professionals (with or without access to our ATS and other tools).

Such solutions allow organisations to scale up at a faster pace and focus on the core activities with confidence that their brand is well represented by our appointed recruitment professionals.

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