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international and local solutions to talent shortages

Within the IT specialty we have built a database of more than 7000 candidates mostly from Central and Eastern Europe.  We specialise in software development as well as Big Data, AI, Network Engineering. 

At Optiveum, we mostly recruit mid and senior professionals in the local-to-local as well as a fully remote mode where the candidates work from their home locations to clients in other countries.  So far we have placed candidates from e.g. Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Czechia, etc, to clients in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, United Arab Emirates, etc. Being a team of experienced recruiters, we like the challenges and we welcome the requisitions for niche skills. 

For example, we have recruited professionals for niche positions such as: Video Codec Designer; Radar Sensing Engineer, Post-Gre SQL Data Engineer for a space mission, etc.

Do join us for an initial chat and remember that Poland alone is home to more than 400 000 software engineers that charge reasonable rates.